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How To Find The Right Brow Artist for You

Arch your brows and be fabulous

Arch your brows and be fabulous

 How Do I Find A Great Brow Artist?

So how do you find a great eyebrow artist? Referrals are best for finding reputable services.  If you see someone with great brows ask them who they see, they’ll love the compliment!  Your hairdresser is usually a great source for beauty referrals since they are in the industry and see so many people on a regular basis (even better if she has great brows too!). There is also an abundance of online referral sources like Yelp and Google+, that give you detailed customer reviews and ratings on their experiences with local businesses. Also, magazines like Allure and local publications such as our own Boston Magazine, offer directories of award wining services.

I’ve Found Some Brow Artists. How Do I Choose the Right One For Me?

Eyebrows are the natural frame of the face and can vividly change your complete look. You wouldn’t want to leave them in the hands of just anyone!

When deciding on a brow artist your choice is about your overall experience as well as the person’s training and expertise.  The fact is some brows are just more complicated than others. If your brows are simple and straightforward, you’ll be fine with a junior artist who has natural talent, substantial training and supervision. If your brows are more complicated – maybe you have sparse spots, no natural arch, unusual hair growth patterns or a history of over-tweezing – then a senior artist with significantly more training and experience will know what to do and deliver the look you desire. At the top of the spectrum, when only the absolute very best will do and you’re looking for that “Je ne sais quoi” that can really set you apart, you’ll want a well known, award-winning, “household name” brow artist.  There are only a few, but they’ll truly transform the way you feel about yourself.

What Else Should I Take Into Consideration?

While we all like to have our “go-to” brow artist, it’s great to have access to a team of experts in one place to guarantee more flexible scheduling. Remember, feeling comfortable in a clean and friendly environment the moment you walk through the door is also essential to having an enjoyable experience as a paying client.

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  1. Lorri McBride on April 4, 2014 at 12:54 pm

    Do you do eyebrow tatooing? How much does it cost and does it hurt?

  2. steve on April 4, 2014 at 2:20 pm

    Hi Lorri,

    Actually cosmetic tattooing – a.k.a. micropigmentation or semi-permanent makeup – is the most popular service we provide. It’s probably what we’re best known for. Check out our reputation online. We offer brows, lips, eyeliner, and a number of specialty services. Services and pricing are listed in the Permanent Makeup area of our web site.

    We do use topical anesthetics for all semi permanent makeup procedures to make it as comfortable as possible. Mostly I think you’d just be really excited!


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