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What Is It About Permanent Makeup That Has The Industry Buzzing?

We’ve seen it all – thick, thin, arched, curvy, overly-plucked, bushy…and the list goes on. Numerous eyebrow trends have come and gone in past decades, but one thing is for sure – great brows have always played an integral role in feeling beautiful, confident and ready to seize the day. And with the explosion of social media in recent years gave life to the viral hashtag, #EyebrowsOnFleek, prompting women (and men) to pay just a little more attention to the arches that frame their face. Beauty moguls such as Cara Delevingne, Lily Collins and Kim Kardashian are also to thank for inspiring those in pursuit of the perfect set of brows. And whether your perfect set of eyebrows are bushy and full or strong and groomed, it is 2018 and nearly anything is possible.

Cara Delevigne eyebrows

In reality, most of us simply do not have as much brow hair as we’d like to create that insta-worthy arch, or maybe we don’t favor the natural shape we were given. So…we spend our mornings drinking our coffee and filling in our brows, whether with powder, pencil or gel. But think about it this way – if you find yourself filling in your eyebrows for about 10 minutes each morning, that’s about 3,640 minutes every year or about three days of your life each year. Three days you could spend on a vacation or three days you could spend sleeping in just a little bit longer. And with all of these factors combined, it has led many women and men to one solution: micropigmentation.

Because so many of us are yearning for a face-framing brow that requires minimal upkeep and leaves us feeling beautiful and empowered, we’re looking to micropigmentation -which is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing sectors in the beauty industry. And if you’re already a part of the beauty industry, such as an esthetician, a makeup artist, a cosmetologist, or even a nurse or physician, this could be great news for you. Why, you ask? The answer is simple: supply and demand. With the ever-increasing demand for micropigmentation comes the need for more talented technicians who can perform this service. And because the demand surpasses the amount of available technicians, this naturally results in a higher earning potential. Technicians who are licensed in micropigmentation have the potential to earn, on average, an additional $50k-$150k a year depending on the amount of procedures per week they do.

micropigmentation potential earnings

If you’ve found yourself hustling hard to make your money, entering into the field of micropigmentation could be your next step. And if you’ve thought about it before, now is the time to get started. And the best part? Micropigmentation truly has the ability to change lives. It’s important to know that many candidates aren’t just women looking for a more pronounced brow. Day in and day out, cancer survivors, those with Bell’s Palsey or those who have battled with alopecia or trichotillomania are among clients looking for this transformative procedure to restore that confidence they once had.

micropigmentation for the eyebrows

If you feel like you have that artistic eye to make people feel beautiful in their own skin and are looking to maximize your earning potential, you’ve met your match. And if you’re truly looking to add micropigmentation to your portfolio of services, Prettyology Academy could be the next step for you. Our academy provides the foundation you’ll need for a successful career in micropigmentation with an array of courses and highly skilled instructors that will leave you feeling confident and ready to embark on your career in micropigmentation.


  1. Daphne Gilpin on June 26, 2019 at 12:18 pm

    Thanks for explaining that permanent makeup gives a face-framing brow that doesn’t need much upkeep. I’ve been looking for ways to simplify my makeup routine. You made me feel excited about looking for a local permanent makeup service to use.

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