What Is It About Permanent Makeup That Has The Industry Buzzing?

What Is It About Permanent Makeup That Has The Industry Buzzing?

We’ve seen it all – thick, thin, arched, curvy, overly-plucked, bushy…and the list goes on. Numerous eyebrow trends have come and gone in past decades, but one thing is for sure – great brows have always played an integral role in feeling beautiful, confident and ready to seize the day. And with the explosion of social ... [Read More]

Should I Tweeze, Wax, or Thread My Brows?

Tweeze, thread or wax

Your eyes and brows are the central focus of your face and key to how you look, so the upkeep to these essential arches is pretty important to anyone’s beauty regime. People interested in grooming their brows often ask us which method they should use: tweeze, wax, or thread. So we decided to give an overview of the ... [Read More]

How To Find The Right Brow Artist for You

 How Do I Find A Great Brow Artist? So how do you find a great eyebrow artist? Referrals are best for finding reputable services.  If you see someone with great brows ask them who they see, they’ll love the compliment!  Your hairdresser is usually a great source for beauty referrals since they are in the industry and ... [Read More]

Our Dazzling Holiday Packages

It's that time of year again! The days ahead are  filling up with holiday parties, decorating, dinner planning and shopping lists. Instead of searching the stores for the perfect gift to give your best friend, niece or mother-in-law, give the gift of beauty with one of our glamorous holiday packages! Check out the ... [Read More]

Imagine Magazine: Erica McDermott

Erica McDermott, from "The Fighter" and the highly anticipated crime drama "American Hustle", is this month's cover model for Imagine Magazine's  Women Who Work in the Industry issue! Erica is a client we always look forward to seeing at Julie Michaud Prettyology and we were happy to help her prep for this cover ... [Read More]