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Gina Meoli

Winsome & Welcoming

Gina Meoli | Prettyologist

A graduate of Prettyology Academy, Gina's passion, drive and skillset caught Julie Michaud's eye—and ever since, Gina has thrived under the mentorship. With well over a decade of experience, she is a proven professional with a cult-like following. As Julie puts it, "It's like she came out of the womb knowing she belonged in the business!" Highly credentialed and passionate about her work, Gina is continually expanding her repertoire and honing her technique which is how she has carved out a name for herself in this highly competitive industry.


  • Member of the American Academy for Micropigmentation
  • Licensed Permanent Makeup Practitioner by the Peabody Board of Health
  • Graduate of Prettyology Micropigmentation Academy - The Fundamental Art & Science of Micropigmentation
  • 3D Areola Micropigmentation Certified
  • Tattoo Removal Certified
  • Certified Lash Specialist
  • Massachusetts Licensed Cosmetologist
  • Graduate of the Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics
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Gina Meoli | Technical Wizardry

Discovering her love of cosmetology in high school, Gina attended Catherine Hinds followed by nine years working in the industry before coming to Prettyology. From medical aesthetics to the science of skin and hair care, and a passion for fashion, Gina came to us with an auspicious combination of technical wizardry and professional curiosity about what’s possible in the ever-evolving world of permanent makeup.

Her constant desire to master the newest techniques keeps her skills fresh, but what makes Gina's artistry come alive is her clear mission to help everyone look and feel their absolute best. Evident in her loyal and growing clientele, Gina’s passion for helping people discover their authentic beauty extends to her talent for teaching them how to achieve that look on their own. Gina strives to make our clients lives easier with makeup application instruction, permanent makeup, skincare routines... and even something as simple as walking them through a brow tutorial to illustrate how brows frame the face.

When her client's step outside of Prettyology, there is a palpable sense of their growing confidence. Inspired by their smiles, hair flips and happy tears, Gina is always moved when she notices them catch that first glimpse in the mirror. Having a hand in that internal and external transformation fuels Gina.

Her creative vision and process is as vibrant and inspiring as she is, and to watch her work is to witness the art of what truly makes her exceptional—a genuine desire for others to feel beautiful and truly love who they are.

Pretty Little Secrets



  • "I really enjoy helping others find the beauty within themselves.. not Kylie Jenner or Brooke shields’ way, but the best version of YOU. It has been a mission of mine to help everyone feel beautiful and love who they are with tips, tricks and fun education they can spread throughout to family and friends."

Gina's Three Favorite Products

  • Jane Iredale Dream Tint
  • Revitalash Growth Serum
  • Skinceuticals Silymarin CF
Gina's fave products-10_2021


Gina's Fashionable Favs

  • Fashion Designer: Usually anything black from Zara is my go to.
  • Fashion Icon: Sarah Jessica Parker/Carrie Bradshaw
"enneagram of personality - nine distinct types and their interrelationships (reformer, helper, acheiver, individualist, investigator, loyalist, enthusiast, challenger, peacemaker) presented with colorful crumpled sticky notes,  white chalk on blackboard"


Gina's Essential Elements

  • Astrological Sign: Taurus
  • Enneagram Type: Type 3 (91%), Type 2 (89%)


Pretty Passions

  • Singer/Band: Sinatra, Khalid, Gaga, Cher
    ...anything I can sing or dance to.
  • Celebrity Obsession: Lady Gaga, duh!


Fantasy Vacation

  • Thailand!

Awards & Mentions

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