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Julie Shares Expert Brow Shaping Tips on NECN TV

Julie Michaud shares her brow shaping tips on NECN-TV's The Tedaldi Treatment

Julie Michaud shares her brow shaping tips on NECN-TV’s The Tedaldi Treatment.  Image:


Ever look in the mirror and wonder what you can do at home to improve your brows? Or what’s best left to a pro?  In this video clip from NECN-TV’s The Morning Show, Julie explains some of her expert brow shaping tips and techniques, including how to shape the brow, where to place the arch, where you should and shouldn’t tweeze, when to trim rather than tweeze, and some of the medical concerns with brow waxing – especially if you’re one of the millions of people using some very common skin care products.

** Important: The video mentions that Julie was in Wellesley at the time. She’s now back to her Boston roots at a fabulous new beauty lab at 18 Newbury Street in Boston.


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