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Beach Bag Beauty Must Haves

Beach Bag Beauty Must Haves

Summer is here and so are the relaxing beach days and lively pool parties that come along with it. We’ve  rounded up some beach bag beauty must haves to help protect your pretty complexion from sun damage while you’re  basking in the summer sunshine.


As obvious as this seems, remember it’s important to reapply! Use a sunscreen that is broad spectrum (balanced protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays) and contains Zinc Oxide (a mineral that scatters and absorbs those unhealthy sunbeams), like SkinCeuticals Sheer Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50.

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated while being in the sun all day is not only refreshing, but excellent for keeping your skin supple.


A classic beach accessory that adds some flare while protecting your complexion.

Lip and Eye Protection

Don’t forget to moisturize and protect your pucker with a lip balm that has SPF and vitamin C. We have just the thing with our Vibran-C Lip Tint,  it comes in two different shades to add a splash of color to lips. This and a waterproof mascara are all the makeup you should need at the beach!

It’s important to pay extra attention to the delicate eye area with eye specific protection like SkinCeuticals Physical Eye UV Defense Broad Spectrum SPF. This is non migrating so it won’t  melt and get into your eyes. An added plus- it’s a very light concealer!

Want to know more about taking care of your skin this summer? Request an appointment for a skin consultation today!

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