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AKA Microneedling

Because we're firm believers that beauty is more than skin deep, these services are specifically designed to help women and men feel pretty or handsome and more confident when they need it most.

Our team of Certified Prettyology Micropigmentation Specialists performs over 5,000 PMU procedures per year.


Beauty is More than Skin Deep


  • Scars
  • Acne scars
  • Burn scars
  • Hypopigmented skin (patches of skin that are abnormally lighter than the surrounding skin)
  • Improving the look of the areola area after mastectomy reconstruction


  • Unfortunately we are not able to lighten hyperpigmented skin (patches of skin which are abnormally darker than the surrounding skin) due to medical concerns. We recommend seeing a medical esthetician or dermatologist.


  • Services are priced per hour and do not include a free follow up appointment.
  • Though our techniques can reduce the appearance of your scar, it’s important to understand that scars are long-lasting and no scar will ever be completely invisible.
  • Every scar is different: body location, size, shape, color, appearance of depth, and more. Some scars require only a single treatment, others take multiple treatments.
  • Results are cumulative and may take four to six weeks to fully develop.
  • To learn more about what we can and can’t do to help reduce the appearance of your scar than we can present on this page, see our detailed microneedling and scar camouflage article.
  • Have questions that aren't answered here? You can see our FAQs, search our blog, or ask us a question.

A Passion for Compassion | Run Time: 2:11

Prettyology Academy students learn the Vicky Martin Method from Vicky herself and Prettyology CEO Julie Michaud in this moving video.

Medical Tattooing Services

Scar Camoflage
Areola Restoration
Tattoo removal


NOTE: Please inquire for Julie's prices, which are not reflected in the pricing below.

CONSULTATION 30 minutes. $50
(applied towards cost of procedure within 3 months)

Consultations are mandatory before any first time microblading / permanent makeup procedure, scar camouflage, and tattoo removal procedure. This is true even (especially) if you’ve had it done somewhere else.

We assess your skin type and condition, relevant medical background, lifestyle, goals, desires, and any upcoming special events that affect your scheduling. We’ll then discuss the various treatment methods available, the pros and cons of each as they apply to you personally, and any preparation you’ll want to do in order to maximize your results.

All first time Micropigmentation clients are required to pay a 50% service deposit when scheduling their initial appointment. Deposits ARE refundable if cancellation notice is given 48 hours in advance. Prices are subject to change.


Stimulates collagen and elastin production to improve the appearance of: fine line and wrinkles; all scars (including acne scars), stretch marks; sun-damage and hyperpigmentation; skintone – texture and firming.

$375/1 hr. session or package of 3 for $900
$225/30 min. session or package of 3 for $600


We use an advanced non-invasive magnetic technique to effectively remove pigments from the skin without inflammation or scarring. Currently we are only able to remove tattoos from the facial area (permanent makeup).


PMU on the face only. 60 minutes... From $300/session


Very small areas only. 30 minutes... From $200/session

Before & After

Alopecia & Scar Camouflage


Awards & Mentions

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