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Prettyology’s Micropigmentation Specialist Training, Development & Continuing Education Program

The industry's most comprehensive & rigorous micropigmentation training

Prettyology’s in-house Micropigmentation Specialist Training Program far exceeds industry standards and norms for selection, training and experience.

Our training program was developed by Julie Michaud, whose protégés include no less than seven Best of Boston award winners (by Boston Magazine). Julie has made a career of identifying and training top talent to please the most discerning clients.

In order to become a Certified Prettyology Micropigmentation Specialist, a candidate must first be invited into the training program by demonstrating excellence as a Prettyology makeup & brow artist. This requires meeting a number of criteria, not the least of which is high client satisfaction scores.

Next, the candidate must successfully complete our rigorous micropigmentation training and certification program. This includes theory-based book work, clinical work, and work on numerous live models. Our proprietary training program involves over 100 hours of training and practice, and is approved by the American Academy of Micropigmentation.

Finally, after successful completion of the training program (which in itself includes performing micropigmentation on several live models), the candidate performs micropigmentation on numerous additional live models (register here to be a training model). Work must meet or exceed Prettyology’s stringent quality and consistency standards.

Only after successfully completing all of the steps above does the candidate earn the title of Certified Prettyology Micropigmentation Specialist.

Once a specialist is certified, there are only two differences between specialists:

  • Personality and personal style
  • Whether the specialist is certified to work on male clients

Our comprehensive training ensures that every Certified Prettyology Micropigmentation Specialist delivers results to Prettyology’s exacting standards from their first client to their last.

Prettyology does not use full paying clients as training models. The models with whom our candidates extensively practice are volunteers who have specifically requested to serve as a training model in exchange for a greatly reduced price.

In order to maintain their certification, the specialist must participate on an ongoing basis in Prettyology’s Micropigmentation Team Continuing Education Program, which ensures they continue to learn on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis from a combination of outside trainers; our own internal trainers; and each other throughout their career at Prettyology.

Criteria to Become a Certified Prettyology Micropigmentation Specialist

  • Must be invited to the training program based on success criteria as a Prettyology brow and makeup artist
  • Must have successfully completed OSHA-compliant Blood Borne Pathogens (BBP) certification
  • Must successfully complete Prettyology Academy’s 105-hour Fundamental Art and Science of Micropigmentation training course, developed by Julie Michaud and approved by the AAM (American Academy for Micropigmentation) and SPCP (Society of Permanent Makeup Professionals)
  • Must demonstrate quality and consistency to Prettyology’s standards on live models
  • Must be licensed by the Boston Public Health Commission as a Body Arts Practitioner
  • Must have successfully completed Prettyology’s advanced training curriculum for any specialized services which they aspire to perform
  • Julie Michaud may personally grant waivers to specific criteria on a case by case basis, as long as the same standards are upheld

Criteria to Maintain Certification

  • Must maintain OSHA compliant BBP certification and Body Arts Practitioner licensing with the Boston Public Health Commission
  • Must participate actively and regularly in Prettyology’s Micropigmentation Team Continuing Education Program, which provides ongoing micropigmentation training every month
  • Must actively participate in Prettyology’s collaborative micropigmentation team environment to both teach and learn from their peers on a daily basis
  • Must continue to demonstrate excellence in micropigmentation services, including client satisfaction.

Selecting a Certified Prettyology Micropigmentation Specialist

Our Client Services Ambassadors - who work our phones and front desk - will ask you a series of questions to understand your particular style, personality, and needs. Each one is trained to use this knowledge to recommend a Certified Prettyology Micropigmentation Specialist for you.

Though we do allow clients to choose their own specialist, we do not recommend it and can not guarantee satisfaction. A specialist who is a good fit for one person may not be the right fit for someone else. Our Client Services staff is trained in selecting the right specialist based on information you provide them.

Prettyology's micropigmentation instructors

All candidates are trained by Julie Michaud, Jackie Dalton, and a very small team of hand-chosen and approved expert trainers. Julie, Prettyology’s founder and Creative Director, has been awarded an unprecedented eight Best of Boston awards by Boston Magazine and has trained no less than seven other Best of Boston award winning artists. Jackie has been with Prettyology since the day we opened. She has been performing micropigmentation for well over 10 years, having been initially hired and trained by Julie at a previous location.

Our instructors continually update our training program to incorporate new industry developments and best practices learned through a combination of outside training, learning and experience.