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Eyelash Tinting & Eyelash Lifts (Perms)

Open your eyes and see that there is more than just one way to add volume to your lashes! At Prettyology, we love all things natural. So, we’ve revamped our way of giving you lashes you’ll love. Rethink the way you blink with our Lash Lifts and Tints.

Lash tinting 30 minutes. $50 - $60
Our lash tinting service will give your eyes depth and volume by bringing their natural beauty to the surface. By tinting your top & bottom lashes with our vegetable based dye, your hidden lighter lashes will pop forward, bringing your best assets to center stage. Lash tinting typically lasts 3-4 weeks.

Keratin Lash Lift (Lash Perm) 60 minutes. $125
This lash treatment is a fabulous and healthy alternative to false lashes and extensions. Our natural keratin infuses healthy growth factors into your lashes as they are lifted and curled. You’ll see up to 40% more volume, leaving your lashes silky, thick and smooth. Results lasts about 8 weeks.


  • Lash tinting (top lashes only). $25
  • If tinting both top & bottom lashes is desired, service must be booked as a full Lash Tinting service rather than as an add-on.