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Inquisitive & Involved

Lakahna Chanthanong | PRETTYOLOGIST

Beyond being a brow guru, Lakahna is on a mission to enhance the natural beauty in all her clients. Her knack for reading a face and intuitively seeing what would look best is remarkable. She will analyze your facial features, skin tone and help you find your signature look.

Passionate about helping her clients look and feel their best, Lakahna will always keep it real with you, but her ability to see the potential beauty in every face ensures you will love the end result.ย 

Coloring every area of her life, Lakahna's love of learning leads her to master all the tools of the trade and every new technique. To watch her work you would think sheโ€™s painting a masterpiece with the finest brushes and paints. And her astounding talent is matched by her enormous heart. It is only fitting that Lakahna found her way to Prettyology, where her talents and passions align with Julie's mission.


  • Member of the American Academy for Micropigmentation
  • Licensed Permanent Makeup Practitioner by the Peabody Board of Health
  • Graduate of Prettyology Micropigmentation Academy - The Crossover Course
  • Massachusetts Licensed Cosmetologist
  • Graduate of Cosmotech
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from UMass Lowell
  • Fluent in Cambodian
Meet Julie


Lakahna Chanthanong | BROW GURU

Discovering her love of "all things beauty" at a young age opened Lakahna up to many wonderful opportunities. Backed up by her hard work, dedication and sheer talent, Lakahnaโ€™s career has caught fire and singled her out as a rising star at Prettyology. She credits her parents with setting an example with their matchless work ethic, and their story is a beautiful example of how to live the American dream.

What Inspires You? My parents, because they worked so hard to get us from nothing. Their work ethic will be what I always go by.

Lakahna's strong family ties have always motivated her to strive for success. Sharing these values with her boys, Lakahna dreams of taking them on vacation to Southeast Asia. She treasures family times together, especially those adventures that offer a chance to learn, explore and grow.

Pretty Little Secrets


Lakahna's Three Favorite Products

  • Revitash Lash Conditioner
  • Prettyology Papaya Scrub
  • Jane Iredale hydration spray
Lakahna's favorites


Lakahna's Essential Elements

  • Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
  • Enneagram Type: Type 7 - The Enthusiast
Sagittarius zodiac sign, Horoscope Astrology background, Sagittarius horoscope symbol, pink symbol on white background


Lakahna's Fashionable Favs

  • Fashion Designer: Vera Wang
  • Fashion Icon: Aaliyah
  • Celebrity Obsession: J. LO
  • Singer/Band: Aaliyah


Pretty Passions

  • Cooking
  • Traveling
  • Spending time with my husband and sons &
  • Learning
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Lakahna vacation southeast asia


Fantasy Vacation

  • Southeast Asia

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