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Winner of 9 Best of Boston Awards Six-time Best Eyebrows winner
Trainer of seven Best Eyebrows winners
Arch Your Brows and be Fabulous

Best Eyebrow Shaping at Prettyology's Brow Bar

Boston’s Best Brow Bar

Prettyology has the only brow bar where every artist is trained by not one but two on-staff winners of Boston magazine's prestigious Best of Boston™ Eyebrow Shaping awards.

Well-groomed eyebrows can make you look younger, more rested and even (dare we say it?) thinner. And they’re a lot cheaper than a new wardrobe or a Saint-Tropez vacation.

Julie and her protégés have won an unmatched 9 Best of Boston awards for eyebrow shaping. If you want enviable arches, the brow bar at Prettyology is your answer.

Tweeze, Please about 30 minutes.  $40 - $65*
Our brow bar's signature brow shaping is gentle on the delicate eye area, giving you a face-framing, to-die-for arch.


  • Brow tinting added to TweezePlease. $15*

  • * Note Julie's prices are higher. Please inquire.

    Tweeze & Wax about 30 minutes.  $40 - $65
    For those not fond of plucking, our tweeze-and-wax method is especially geared to people sensitive to pain. However, it’s not recommended for clients using anti-aging products like Accutane®, Retin-A®, Tazorac®, or Differin® or who have recently had chemical or laser peels.


  • Brow tinting added to Tweeze & Wax. $15
  • Keratin Eyebrow Infusion 30 minutes. $65
    Amplify the volume and thickness of each individual eyebrow hair with our natural and nourishing keratin, while also taming any unruly, rogue hairs as well. This treatment leaves your eyebrows looking full, smooth, defined and shiny. Results last about 8 weeks.


  • Brow tinting. $15