Meet Jackie: Prettyology’s Micropigmentation Maven

One of Prettyology’s most sought-after artists is going to be around the beauty lab a lot more often! We’re thrilled to announce that Jackie Dalton, our amazing micropigmentation artist, is going to be working at Prettyology full-time beginning June 16. She’s saying goodbye to her long-standing medical career to spend more time enhancing the natural beauty of women in Boston and beyond.

In honor of Jackie’s transition to full-time, we sat down to pick her brain about her motivation as a micro artist, the perks of permanent makeup and what drove her to give up a senior-level healthcare career to work at Prettyology!

A Day in the Life of a Permanent Makeup Artist

Jackie Dalton, Prettyology, Micropigmentation expert“It’s all about finding the perfect color,” Jackie explains as she mixes together pigments in Prettyology’s treatment room. “Every person’s skin is different, so we have to find just the right combination to get that perfect shade.”

Watching the ease with which she works, you probably wouldn’t guess that for most of her life Jackie worked as a nuclear cardiology technologist. While she’s certainly a whiz when it comes to administering stress tests and conducting cardiology imaging, she’s also a natural when it comes to art and makeup. That’s the reason why she decided to learn the craft of micropigmentation – sometimes called permanent or semi-permanent makeup – from Julie Michaud.

“I’ve always wanted to be in art and do something artistic,” Jackie explains. “When I originally got my eyeliner and my lips done [with micropigmentation], I said, ‘I can do that!’ So I went and got trained.”

Jackie began learning the tricks of the trade from Julie back in 2004 and has been honing her micropigmentation skills ever since. She worked alongside Julie from 2005 to 2008 at Michaud Cosmedix, rented her own space on Newbury Street for a while, and has most recently been practicing part-time at Prettyology.

Jackie’s training and mentoring by Julie, years of experience and dedication to her craft are the reason that Prettyology’s clients trust her to perfect their permanent makeup. It’s also the reason that, as of June 2015, she’ll be joining the staff full time! Jackie explained that for her, it’s the perfect opportunity to make women feel great about themselves.

“My favorite part of this job is being able to make people happy,” says Jackie. “It lets out my creative side and makes good use of it!”

An Expert’s View of Permanent Makeup

Curious about what exactly Jackie’s job entails? Here’s some insight into the micropigmentation process, straight from the mouth of the expert.

In your own words, what are the benefits of micropigmentation?

Permanent makeup makes your life so much easier. You wake up and you’re ready to go!

Personally, I get it done so that when I have to run out on a Saturday, I don’t have to worry about getting myself all made up.

Who do you recommend semi-permanent makeup to?

Micropigmentation is a great option for patients with alopecia or other hair loss. We also offer medical tattooing for both men and women with scars or skin discoloration. However, it’s also a beneficial service for more general skin woes.

As you get older, you start losing your eyebrows and lip line, so it’s good for those women. Or maybe you don’t have the brow shape you want – micropigmentation is great for that. It’s also a good option for anyone who finds applying makeup to be a painstaking process. It’s a pain to have to draw on eyebrows every day – they’re going to look different and sometimes it will take a while to get the look you want.

Semi-permanent makeup also appeals to people who love makeup and want to wear it everyday. It’s a good base, and then you can add more for a bolder look.

What would you tell someone who’s hesitant about trying micro?

I’d tell them they’ll honestly love it and that they’ll likely come back for something else. Everyone does!

What can a client expect when they come in for a permanent makeup appointment?

It starts with a consultation. We make sure to listen to what the client wants – sometimes people don’t know what they want, and that’s okay too. We’ll explain the process and what we’ll be doing. If it’s eyebrows, we’ll draw them on and come to an agreement about the shape. And then we start!

It’s not a fast procedure. It’s a process. We always start off conservatively: natural and light. Then we can pump it up a little bit as we go.

What makes Prettyology’s micropigmentation services different from other practitioners?

The way we do it at Prettyology is the way it’s supposed to be done. We follow all legal and medical regulations, we’re highly educated and have ongoing training, and we use only the best tools and pigments available. All the staff share knowledge with each other regularly, put our clients’ needs first and are on the same page as far as beauty goes. We work together so we can provide the best results for our clients. We are the best in Boston, after all!

Prettyology, Newbury Street, Boston, MAPermanent Makeup in Boston

If you’re looking for permanent makeup services, Prettyology is the place to go and Jackie is the woman for the job. Her 10+ years of experience ensure that you’ll get the results you’re looking for in a quick and efficient procedure, and her vivacious personality will keep you laughing the whole time.

You can learn more about micropigmentation services from Prettyology on our website, or call us today at 617.262.1607 to speak with a staff member. If you want an appointment with Jackie, book your session soon! She’s in high-demand with our clients, but her new extended hours will allow you to get into the beauty lab quickly so you can start embracing your natural beauty.


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      If you’ve had your micropigmentation done by Prettyology and you have a concern with the results and it’s been at least 7-10 days since the procedure was done, please send one or more photos clearly showing the area as it looks now, along with a description of your concern, to We stand by our work. We’ll review and respond with next steps.

      If you’ve had micropigmentation done somewhere else and you’re considering having Prettyology either correct or refresh it, please first review our corrective micropigmentation service. A consultation is not generally required unless you have additional questions about the service. Consultations are $75 (higher with Julie, Prettyology’s owner).

  1. Carol Gordon Kodzis says

    Jackie did my eyebrows and eyeliner about one year ago. I absolutely love them! It saves me at least 30 minutes everyday doing my makeup. I have alopecia universalis and have no eyebrows or eyelashes. What a difference it makes and she did a fantastic job. So happy to hear she if full time now. I will be back soon for my touch up!

  2. Audrey T says

    Great news, we love working with Jackie for medical tattooing, she is kind, competent and reassuring.

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