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JustLuxe: Prettyology Puts Beauty into Lash Extensions

Luxurious lashes from Julie Michaud Prettyology

Luxurious lashes from Julie Michaud Prettyology. Photo: Julie Michaud Prettyology.

JustLuxe’s Kellie Speed discovered we’ve got terrific lash extensions in addition to our signature brows and micropigmentation (permanent makeup):

Beauty is not just skin deep. It’s also about lush lashes, perfectly tweezed eyebrows and high tech facials. Just ask the folks at Prettyology, who are in the business of making sure every woman who walks in their door leaves not only looking but feeling their best.



  1. Marlene A. McCabe on June 4, 2015 at 5:36 pm

    Hi Jackie, Congratulations on your new career!venture. I know u will b perfect for thus type if work. From what you have already had done, u r a shining example. You have akways been sooo pretty. Some people, like you, have aged sooo gracefully. For starters, how much does it cost to have pemanebt eyeliner and also eyelashes?? Your prompt reply would be most appreciated. Thnx.

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