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Prettyology Careers

Clients love Boston’s only beauty lab not just for our top-notch services but also for the beautiful, clean space and relaxed, no-pressure, friendly yet professional environment.

In a few short years, we've become the nation's premier microblading & permanent makeup center. Our approach to natural beauty also includes eyebrow shaping and makeup services. Your approach to becoming a team member, regardless of position, should include talent, passion, and a client-first attitude.


What if you could work in an amazing environment with a great team, great clients and a reputation that’s second to none, and where every team member’s role - whether client-facing or behind the scenes - is equally respected, appreciated and vital to our future?

If you’re a makeup or brow artist, you’re probably used to being tucked away in the back of a retail store, hair salon, or doctor’s office. Not so at Prettyology, where you’ll be front and center.

If you want to learn the industry's hottest trend - microblading & permanent makeup - there's no better place in the country to learn it and to do lots of it. We pay for all your training. Our team does thousands of procedures each year.

If your interest is working the front desk - learning customer service and how a business runs - you’ve probably experienced or heard stories of being treated as a second-class citizen. Here you’re front and center, core to the business. Every bit as important to our client experience and our success as our service providers. Equal footing for all. And we mean it - just ask any of our team members.

It’s equally true of everyone working behind the scenes to help us achieve our quite substantial goals.

That’s Prettyology, and it’s part of what makes us a special and unique place to work.

We’re always looking for the right person with the right fit for our team. Of course our clients expect fantastic talent, skills and personalities they’ll be drawn to. But they – and we – expect much more than that. You’ll need a “no-compromises” approach to client satisfaction for every client who walks through the door. These are savvy, high end clients who you need to relate naturally with and whose expectations you’ll need to exceed. You’ll also need to be there for your teammates 100% of the time – as they will be for you.

Our Prettyologists need to thoroughly learn and understand our retail product categories and be able to educate and consult with clients about their use. And to be considered for a spot on the team, you need to have a genuine passion for your work, for growing professionally and personally, for assisting your teammates, and for stepping out of your comfort zone to learn other areas that aren’t your own. We are a unified team of professionals. Expectations will be high. We won’t accept less than full commitment to our ideals.

In return, you’ll be working and training directly under Julie Michaud, a nine-time Best of Boston award winner who’s trained no less than six other Best of Boston winners. You’ll be working on the most prestigious block of Newbury Street in a fabulous space with loads of natural light. You’ll be treated with respect and given all the tools, training, freedom, and opportunities and growth that you’ll need to be wildly successful. Our employees love working here for the vision, atmosphere, opportunity, growth, cooperative non-competitive environment, and much more. Feel free to ask them.

All this may seem a bit intimidating. We’re just being up front about who we are and what we expect. If you’re not ready to embrace our complete vision and expectations, Prettyology may not be the best place for you. But if your heartbeat and excitement grew as you read about the challenges above, you might be a great fit. We’d like to hear from you. Email your resume and cover letter to Artists, please enclose a portfolio or samples of your work. We’ll review every submission.

Compensation & Benefits

All employees receive:

  • A fixed base hourly rate for every hour you work, whether you’re booked or not
  • Profit sharing opportunity (artists & client services
  • Paid training
  • Paid sick time
  • Heavy discounts on all services and retail products
  • A great work environment
  • Career path with strong growth opportunities

Additionally, full time employees are also eligible for:

  • Paid vacation and personal time
  • Paid holidays
  • Health & dental insurance

Prettyology is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/D/V/M/F Employer and is committed to diversity in its workforce.