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Our Client Rewards Program

Pretty Points

A Beautiful Rewards Program

Here at Prettyology, we know that we couldn’t have earned our reputation as Boston’s best permanent makeup experts; brow, lash and makeup gurus; or skincare wizzes without you. And that’s exactly why we've created a rewards program that generously matches your loyalty with our appreciation.

It starts with your very first visit as a new client. You'll earn substantial points for your very first service, just for trying us out.

Pretty Points lets you earn points for all sorts of things that you’re probably already doing, like referring a friend, scheduling your next appointment before you leave the beauty lab or maintaining your pretty look over time. You can also earn points for things that you might not be doing yet, like trying a new service or simply checking in with us on Facebook.

You don’t have to enroll or fill out any forms. Simply check out our list of qualifying services or actions. Then once you’ve earned the points, when you’re ready, redeem them on products or services you love. For every 100 Pretty Points, you’ll have $1 to spend in our beauty lab. Trust us, they add up fast!

Here’s a handy guide to help you snag your next pretty perks:

Try something new:

  • 4000 Pretty Points ($40 value): First permanent makeup (micropigmentation) application
  • 2000 Pretty Points ($20 value): First eyelash extension
  • 2000 Pretty Points ($20 value): First skincare service
  • 1000 Pretty Points ($10 value): First 50-minute DermaSweep particle-free microdermabrasion service
  • 1000 Pretty Points ($10 value): First makeup application or lesson
  • 1000 Pretty Points ($10 value): First brow shaping

Maintain your look:

  • 7500 Pretty Points ($75 value): Eight lash touchups within a year
  • 7500 Pretty Points ($75 value): Six skin treatments within 12 weeks
  • 5500 Pretty Points ($55 value): Eight brow shapings within a year


  • 250 - 500 Pretty Points ($2.50-$5.00 value): Book your next appointment before you leave the beauty lab

Be social:

  • 2500 Pretty Points ($25 value): Refer a friend
  • 250 Pretty Points: Write on our Facebook wall
  • 300 Pretty Points: Check in on Yelp or Facebook

Pretty Fine Print

Terms subject to change without notice. Points expire August 31 of the year after they’re earned. To earn check-in points, you must show your phone to our receptionist. Points may not be redeemed for services with Julie.